Kool Deck

Kool Deck

Kool Deck is a pool deck paint system designed to outlast regular concrete surfaces.

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Kool Deck color and texture is a beautiful addition to your pool, walkway, patio or entire landscape package. The rich, consistent color and texture of the pool deck paint make it much more attractive than plain concrete. 

Our pool deck paint is stain resistant and prevents wear and tear to your floor. Kool Deck is designed with ingredients to prevent micro-organisms from growing on your deck, while remaining completely non-toxic. The floors require minimal care. Kool Deck coatings can be cleaned with just water.

Kool Deck is a beautiful finish that is three-times stronger than concrete alone. Our pool deck paint system allows you to step or lay on your pool deck even on hot summer days. Kool Deck coatings will remain cooler than regular concrete surfaces.

Our Kool Deck coatings are completely non-skid even when they are wet. The salt textured surface is designed to prevent accidents and slips. 

Kool Deck coatings designed to withstand temperatures of over 100 degrees, as well as prevent damage from freezing temperatures. Kool Deck will add a long lasting and beautiful look to any decking. 

A two-year limited warranty from fading and delaminating on our job. 

Pool deck paint color options are below. Please contact us for more information regarding our Kool Deck system.

Our company offers a two-year limited warranty from fading and delaminating.

Kool Deck Color And Texture 

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Pool Deck Paint Color Options

Pool Deck Paint Color Options

Comfort,  Kool Deck significantly lowers concrete temperatures. 

Safety,  Kool Deck is completely non-skit

Durability, Wear and tear are virtually eliminated because of the extra strength of Kool Deck. 

Maintenance, Kool Deck exceeds stain resistance to regular concrete decking. 

Hygienic, Kool Deck contains ingredients designed to prevent the growth of micro-organisms found in deck areas, and still is 100% non-toxic.