Epoxy Garage Flooring Palm Springs

Epoxy Garage Flooring Palm Springs


Epoxy garage floor coating is one of the toughest finishes to protect your floors.

Transform your garage with our unique epoxy garage flooring coating designs. Epoxy garage floor coatings are extremely durable and resistant to stains from oil, wine, and acid.  

Epoxy garage floor coatings offer a variety of finishes. Color flakes offer a granite type finish. A metallic finish is unique to each floor.

Epoxy coatings do not require a lot of maintenance. Since dust and dirt do not stick to the floor, just use the dust mop once a week (or sooner if needed) to keep the floor clean.  It only takes a few minutes and you are done.  They even work well for floors that have a polymer anti-slip additive in the surface.  For floor coatings with an aggressive anti-slip aggregate such as aluminum oxide, a soft bristle push broom is the better choice.

Epoxy flooring products allow you to maintain an aesthetically pleasing floor while proving to be much more cost effective than other floor products including tiles, vinyl, floor paint, and carpet.


We first start off my making sure that all paint, sealers, oil and other obstructions removed from the concrete surface.

Once the oil and chemical stains are stripped away, some garage floors will have hairline fractures which epoxy resin will cover and level off within. All cracks and other damage to your floor are filled, leveled, and sanded before coating the floor with epoxy or sealer. 

We provide custom epoxy flooring for your garage or concrete needs throughout the Coachella Valley and beyond. 

You will love your new garage floor. We take pride in assuring our customers are 100 percent satisfied with the finished result. 

What is epoxy?

It is extremely resistant, versatile, and adaptable. Epoxy floor coatings add vibrant colors, high gloss finishes, and texture to concrete floors. Epoxy flooring will make your garage or concrete area look immaculate. We offer competitive pricing at affordable costs. Contact us. 

Epoxy Garage Flooring Palm Springs, Indio, Palm Desert, and the entire Coachella Valley